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Transforming manufacturing businesses using real time data-driven insights that monitor and improve product quality, manufacturing capacity/output, process efficiencies and identifies areas for continuous improvements.




Tools Data Manager

Tools Data Manager (TDM) is an advanced data collection and analytical system enabling enhanced quality validation, behavioral deviation monitors and alerts, automatic quality and statistical sampling strategies, and real time visualization package that includes interactive activity dashboards and a comprehensive viewing/reporting tool.

TDM simplifies and centralizes the collection and management of all manufacturing process, quality and test data for archiving, viewing, trending, analyzing, alerting and mobilizing.

TDM features a comprehensive torque preformance module designed to collect data from all makes/models with advanced scientific analysis to reveal undetected failures.  

TDM deploys quickly with seamless integration into existing processes and substantial user configurability that is easy to use.


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Advanced asset management of your torque tools and other production tools designed to track and optimize the useful life of your production tools.

Auto scheduling for preventive maintenance, calibration and certification requirements of your torque tools.  PM requirements are scheduled based on actual use of tool (wear factor offset) rather than on cycle count and calendar days.

ToolGuard includes a unique feature that monitors the amount of work in the bolted joint being tightened (with data availability) and the amount of work generated by the torque tool (duty cycle).  If the tool is working harder than tool specifications, ToolGuard will alert you that the life of the tool is being shortened due to mismatch of work.

Detailed inventory and history records maintained including event completion, maintenance records and costs. 


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Weld Integrity Monitor

Early detection of hidden process failures is key to improving the quality of finished products and reducing cost impact of warranty related repairs once in the hands of the consumer.

By capturing detailed welding data in real time, WIM can analyze the behavior of materials and welding process during the welding activity to determine reportable deviations from normalized, baseline mappings of the welded joint which can create welding joints that are at high risk of premature failure.

Call Catalyst today to learn more about how WIM can become a vital part of your quality and cost management programs.


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  Professional Services

Catalyst provides world-class engineering and support services to a growing list of clients worldwide. 

The Catalyst engineering team has designed solutions for sequential build/delivery programs, MES systems, demand-based replenishment systems, supply chain synchronizations solutions, advanced intelligent scheduling systems, robotic middleware and process improvement projects focused on improving throughput, increasing quality and reducing operating costs.

For clients looking to maximize their return on investment in Catalyst's data-driven solutions without adding staff burden, Catalyst offers a series of value-add service contracts.  These service contracts provide a cost effective approach for engaging an advanced team of experts in a variety of areas to monitor, analyze and provide recommendations for optimizing your system performance and effectiveness in delivering year-on-year value.

Call today to learn more about how the experienced engineering team at Catalyst can deliver measurable value to your organization.

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Who are We?

Catalyst Solutions is changing the way engineering, quality and management teams use their manufacturing data to completely understand their productivity issues, product reliability issues and efficiencies.  Customers are realizing real value from advanced analytical and data management processes developed by Catalyst.  Our Mission is to arm our customers with information that can make a difference.

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What Do We Offer?

- World-class software products and services for
   customers of all sizes and geographies
- Advanced Research and Development of
   innovative software products and tools
- The most technically-based remote support
   services for mission critical environments
- 24 x 7 x 365 Level 1 and 2 support.

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What Makes Us Unique?

- Software products that add true value in 
   addition to processing and functionality
- Industrial-based software tools designed to 
   put the User in control (out-of-the-box)
- Commitment to develop and deliver value-rich, 
   easy-to-use & deploy software tools for the   
   manufacturing environment

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